Real Estate Title SearchThe sale of real estate has many steps that must be completed to assure that all parties involved, buyer, sellers, lenders and insurers, are satisfied and protected. One important step is the Title Search. With the assistance of a title insurance company, we search the public records for any liens that are active on a property. This way, once the sale is completed, all lenders can be satisfied and a clear deed can be issued for the property.


Our real estate title search services include:

  • Obtaining a title search, doing a thorough title examination and preparing a title commitment specifying all documents required for closing.
  • Discovering any title defects, problems or liens.
  • Obtaining documentation to correct title defects.
  • Closing the transaction (by obtaining all the necessary signatures, notarizing the signed documents, collecting all moneys due and disbursing collected funds to the proper parties)

A safe and secure transaction is the product of detailed work. Our many years of title search experience afford our customers the confidence to know their real estate transaction will go smoothly.


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